Twitch Streamer StrawberryTabby Banned: Violation of Terms and Conditions Leads to Eighth Ban

Twitch Streamer StrawberryTabby Banned: In a recent turn of events, popular Twitch streamer StrawberryTabby has been banned for the eighth time due to a violation of the platform’s terms and conditions. This ban was triggered by a stream where she allegedly showed too much skin, which was deemed suggestive and against Twitch’s guidelines.

StrawberryTabby, whose real name is Tabitha L., gained recognition through collaborations with IShowSpeed and has amassed a significant following on other social media platforms. Known for her physique and content focused on chatting with fans and ASMR-type streams, her fans eagerly await her return to streaming.

Twitch Streamer StrawberryTabby Banned Again

StrawberryTabby, the well-known Twitch streamer, has once again faced a ban from the platform. This recent incident has left fans curious about the duration of this ban and when they will get to see their favorite streamer back in action.

The reason behind this ban is said to be a violation of Twitch’s terms and conditions. It is reported that during one of her streams, StrawberryTabby was deemed to have displayed content that was deemed too suggestive and showed too much skin. This violation led Twitch moderators to take action and suspend her account.

StrawberryTabby has had a history of facing bans on the platform, with this being her eighth ban to date. Her previous bans have only added to her popularity as fans eagerly anticipate her return to streaming.

Known for her engaging content and ASMR-type streams, StrawberryTabby has gained a significant following on other social media platforms as well. With over 333k followers on Instagram and more than 266k on X, her online presence continues to grow.

Despite the ban, StrawberryTabby has not yet addressed the situation publically. Fans are eagerly awaiting an update from their favorite streamer and are hopeful to see her back on Twitch soon.

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