Philly Rapper Phat Geez Shot Dead Hours After Releasing New Song ‘No Gunzone’

Philly Rapper Phat Geez Shot Dead Hours After Releasing New Song ‘No Gunzone’: Tragic news struck the music industry as local rapper Phat Geez, known for his collaboration with Meek Mill, was fatally shot in North Philadelphia. This article explores the shocking incident that unfolded shortly after the release of his powerful song advocating for an end to gun violence. Discover the impact of Phat Geez’s untimely demise and the somber reflection it casts on the challenges faced by the community.

Local Rapper Phat Geez Shot and Killed in North Philadelphia

Tragic news struck North Philadelphia on Sunday night as local rapper Phat Geez was shot and killed. The incident occurred in the 1200 block of North Taney Street when police received reports of an individual with a gun. Upon arriving at the scene, officers discovered Phat Geez, whose real name was Derrick Gant, lifeless and the victim of multiple gunshot wounds. The loss of Phat Geez has sent shockwaves through the local music community and left many mourning the untimely demise of a talented artist.

Incident Details

The incident took place on Sunday at 10:10 p.m. in North Philadelphia. It is a stark reminder of the violence that plagues certain neighborhoods and the urgent need for solutions to address the root causes of such senseless acts. The police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting and are appealing to the public for any information that may aid in their investigation.

Identity of Phat Geez

Phat Geez, whose real name was Derrick Gant, was a rising star in the music industry. Known for his unique style and powerful lyrics, he had garnered a dedicated fan base and had collaborated with prominent artists including Meek Mill. Gant’s passion for music and his commitment to his craft made him a beloved figure in the music scene, and his untimely demise leaves a void that will be difficult to fill.

Phat Geez’s Musical Career

Phat Geez’s musical journey was marked by creativity and a distinct voice that resonated with listeners. His breakout song, “Life,” released in 2014 and featuring Meek Mill, showcased his raw talent and ability to connect with his audience. Gant’s affiliation with Meek Mill’s label, Dream Chasers Records, further propelled his career, and he released his first mixtape, “Cut From a Different Cloth,” later that same year. Phat Geez’s music was a reflection of his experiences and a platform through which he shared his thoughts on life, struggle, and the realities of growing up in Philadelphia.

Meek Mill’s Reaction

The news of Phat Geez’s tragic death deeply impacted fellow rapper Meek Mill, who took to social media to express his sorrow and frustration. Meek Mill lamented the violence in Philadelphia, describing it as a “terrible place for black people to live” and called for a collective effort to address the systemic issues that contribute to such tragedies. His heartfelt tribute to Phat Geez and his commitment to breaking the cycle of violence resonated with fans and highlighted the need for change.

Gant’s Message in “No Gunzone”

In one of his latest releases, “No Gunzone,” Phat Geez used his platform to advocate for peace and urge the younger generation to stay away from the streets. Through his lyrics, he highlighted the devastating impact of violence and pleaded for a different path. Gant’s message in this song was a poignant reflection of his personal experiences and a call to action for his community to come together and create a safer environment for all.

Social Media Activity Prior to the Shooting

In the hours leading up to the tragic shooting, Phat Geez had taken to social media to promote his new song. His post was met with an outpouring of support and excitement from fans who eagerly awaited his latest work. Little did anyone know that these would be his final moments on social media, and the comment section of his post now serves as a somber tribute to a life cut short.

Community Response

The news of Phat Geez’s death has left the community devastated, with an overwhelming display of grief and support pouring out on social media platforms. Friends, family, and fans have come together to share memories, express their condolences, and reflect on the impact Phat Geez had on their lives. The loss of such a talented and promising artist serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address the underlying issues that contribute to violence in our communities.

Crime Statistics in Philadelphia

Phat Geez’s tragic death is a sobering reminder of the ongoing issue of violence in Philadelphia. According to police data, the city has already witnessed the loss of sixty-three lives in 2024 alone. Although this represents a 30% decrease from the same period in the previous year, every life lost is one too many. It is imperative that local authorities, community leaders, and citizens continue to work together to create safer neighborhoods and address the root causes of violence.


The loss of Phat Geez, a talented rapper and beloved figure in the music community, has sent shockwaves through North Philadelphia and beyond. His passion for music and his commitment to delivering powerful messages through his lyrics will be remembered by those who were touched by his art. As the community mourns, it is crucial that we come together to address the issues that contribute to violence and work towards creating safer and more inclusive environments for all.

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